Are you looking for a less expensive airline to fly this year? Well, instead of looking for a cheaper airline you should go for an airline that is “on-time”.

Fly on the wrong airline and your odds of a delay are as high as 55%; choose the right one and that number shrinks way down to just 11%. That’s enough to make or break a vacation’s spell, no matter where you’re sitting on the plane.

In a recent report released by the OAG, an air travel Intelligence Company based in United Kingdom, India’s flag carrier airline Air India is ranked ninth among the worst on-time airline performance globally.

According to reports, a flight is counted “on time” if it is operated within 15 minutes of the scheduled time displayed in the carriers’ Computerized Reservations System. Delays caused by mechanical problems are included as of January 1, 1995. Canceled and diverted operations are not considered on-time arrivals.

Air India has a ranking of 35.9%. The percentage here refers the number of times arrival has been delayed by more than 15 minutes.

Here are ten airlines named in the ‘Worst on-time performance 2018’ list:

Tap Portugal 42.4%

Cebu Pacific 41.6%

Pakistan International 40.6%

Philippines AirAsia 38.9%

Norwegian Air UK 38.3%

Air Asia X 37.7%

Czech Airlines 36.7%

Shenzen Airlines 36.5%

Air India 35.9%

Egypt Airlines 35.6%


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