After Jet Airways has gone bankrupt and its shut down has been circulating on the internet, Air Vistara seems to be next one to be in trouble. For the last 24 hours, #BoycottVistara has been trending on Twitter after Air Vistara posted a picture on the social media website.

The airlines posted a photo with Major General G.D Bakshi (Retired). What caused the backlash on the internet is the caption they put up. The caption read, “a decorated Kargil war hero. Thank you Sir, for your service to the nation.”

Why did it receive such negative criticism from the netizens? Because Netizens began tweeting against the post with several controversial statements made by Major Bakshi in the past. Soon after the company received backlash for its post, the tweet was removed.

However, after the official statement was posted, the netizens pointed their inability to take criticism and caving under pressure by deleting the tweet.  The outrage then continued in the form of the #BoycottVistara and that the move the company chose to resort to was an insult to the military forces.

What initially started as a Twitter banter led to the campaign going beyond the social website, to the app store. Several users on the app store, both on Android and iOS were seen venting out their opinions on the review section of the app.

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While the controversy seems to have died down, it is for Air Vistara to ensure that posts that can cause sentimental outrage are to be avoided. For in this world of digital media, even the big are not spared.


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