VG Siddhartha, CCD, Cafe Coffee Day, Businessmen, suicide, India, Lucky Gupta Agarwal, Vineet Whig, Angad Paul, Sajan Parayil, lalit ShethWeeks after NRI entrepreneur Sajan Parayil took his own life, V.G. Siddhartha’s suicide came as a shocker to the nation. The second high profile death in past two months has raised a lot of eyebrows across the country.

As the number of suicides keeps increasing ever so drastically, re-evaluating the current set of commercial guidelines have become a need of the hour.

Here is a list of 5 top Indian businessmen who treaded to their own death before the coffee business tycoon Siddhartha did.

1. Lalit Sheth

A 56-year-old successful entrepreneur hailing from Gujarat, Lalit Sheth, jumped off the Bandra-Worli Sea Link to Arabian Sea on April 1, 2012. Sheth was the founder-owner of the then India’s largest travel and leisure company Raj Travel World. The reason for his downturn was reportedly the debt fuelled by the aviation venture.

2. Lucky Gupta Agarwal 

A 35-year-old techie-turned-entrepreneur from the city of Hyderabad, Lucky Gupta Agarwal, walked to his death by inhaling nitrogen gas in April, 2016. Owner of KQingdom ITES Pvt. Ltd., Agarwal had launched his dream application KQingdom in April, 2015. However, the social networking app which was supposed to replace Whatsapp in India failing to make its place in the market. The non-success of the project lead to Agarwal’s ill-fated death.

A suicide note found at his apartment in Noida wished everyone peace and happiness.

3. Angad Paul

A 45-year-old London based steel magnate, Angad Paul, was found dead outside his penthouse property in Portland Place, United Kingdom in April, 2016. The son of Indian-origin British business tycoon Lord Paul, Angad, reportedly took his own life jumping out of the window. Severe head injury from the collapse caused the death. Reports suggest that the collapse of his Caparo firms lead him to take this drastic step.

4. Vineet Whig

A 47-year-old Gurugram based business executive Vineet Whig jumped to death from 19th floor of his apartment building Belvedere Park Towers on May 16, 2016. The former Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Encyclopaedia Britannica had left a suicide note stating his regressing mental health due to stress at work as the reason for the step taken. The note was recovered from his pocket.

5. Sajan Parayil 

A 49-year-old NRI businessman hailing from Kannur district in Kerala, Sajan Parayil was founding hanging from the ceiling of his house in June, 2019. After decades of hardships in African mainland, Parayil had used his savings to set up a convention centre in his hometown. However, the failure in attaining the working certification from the  Anthoor Municipality for his dream venture Parthas Convention Center led to his untimely death. The suicide note recovered stated the repeated negligence from the authorities concerned as the reason for his death.


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