If Rs 80 per litre was a shocking surprise for you, be ready to get more such surprises in the coming days as the fuel prices have risen again and have recorded the highest on Tuesday with Petrol selling at Rs 90 per litre in some parts of Maharashtra.

‘Bharat Bandh’ observed on Monday by the Congress and other opposition parties to combat the rising fuel prices did not make much difference. AAP and TMC however, shunned the protests. The Centre’s decision to not cut down the excise duty has raised questions on the government policies.

Rajasthan CM, Vasundhara Raje reduced the VAT by 4% VAT which led to a decline in petrol and diesel prices by Rs 2.5. The fuel price was also lowered by Rs.2 in Andhra Pradesh.

Rising fuel prices have led to increased fares of local transport which has further affected the common man.

The fuel prices vary from city to city depending on the local sales taxes and VAT percentage.


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