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Budget airline IndiGo is offering jobs to pilots of cash-strapped carrier Jet Airways. IndiGo on Friday had held a recruitment drive for senior pilots at a five-star hotel in Mumbai’s western suburb.
India’s biggest airline also offered compensation for overdue salaries from the full-service airline Jet Airways, said sources. The chosen candidates were given on-the-spot offers to work.
“The offers made by IndiGo is quite good, and include various compensation for overdue salaries (up to two to three months of basic salary) on joining the airline,” said a senior pilot, who flies Airbus planes with Jet Airways.
India’s largest domestic airline by market share, on Tuesday, quoted that all job offers are in line with its current terms and conditions.
Another Jet Airways pilot said several of his colleagues attended the event to simply explore the available options.
“Jet Airways is one of the better paymasters in the industry. However, the recent salary delays have forced many pilots to dip into their savings. So, when an opportunity like this presents, there’s no harm in checking out offers from other airlines (like IndiGo),” said the pilot.
For a while now, Jet Airways has not paid salaries to its pilots, engineers and other senior management.
“We are not offering a signing bonus. We are offering compensation for overdue salaries,” the spokesperson said.
However, the spokesperson replied in the negative to the speculated offer a bonus after the third year of the contract for pilots from Jet Airways.

“Our pilot hiring programme always includes hiring from the market and Jet Airways is part of the external hiring programme,” the spokesperson said.

IndiGo is facing acute shortage of trained and experienced pilots amid capacity expansion to meet rising passenger traffic. The carrier has more than 210 planes in its fleet.

“We are conducting open house interviews to getting contact with pilots. That’s a common practice in the aviation industry not specific to Jet Airways,” the spokesperson noted.

The Gurugram-based airline had held a similar recruitment drive in New Delhi last week.
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