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Cash strapped Jet Airways has grounded its operations at Abu Dhabi Airport from Monday for an indefinite period, citing operational reasons.
Abu Dhabi is the base of Etihad and has a 24% stake in Jet Airways. Etihad Airways has informed all its passengers of significant changes in the flight schedules due to the cancellation by Jet Airways.
Jet – Etihad was a major connection for people travelling between India and that West like Africa, Europe and North America. This sudden decision by Jet Airways will affect the transit passengers to a great extent.
Jet and Etihad were in a strong position around three years back, providing almost 250 weekly flights connecting Abu Dhabi and about 15 cities across India. This decision by Jet Airways has hurt Etihad more, as they are in a difficult position to compensate the passengers for the cancelled flights.
Mr.Goyal has requested Etihad Group CEO, Tony Douglas for the urgent need of funding of Rs.750 crores within a week; otherwise, it will have a significant setback on the functioning of Jet Airways. It’s pathetic to know that Jet Airways is yet to receive the funds even after ten days of the SOS being sent.
A senior official has justified the action saying that the flights were cancelled for restructuring and to resolve their operational issues.  They have also reduced a large number of flights from Delhi to Dubai and even flights to Bangkok.
Jet Founder, Naresh Goyal has mentioned in a letter addressed to the employees saying that the situation is getting better and it will stop all the flights to its partner’s hub from March 1st.
The 25 years of Jet Airways’ operational resources are diminishing thereby affecting the grounded staffs. Indigo is in short of pilots and are conducting road shows to bring in more pilots, which is an indirect invite for the pilots from Jet Airways. Seeing the alarming situation, the present pilots of Indigo have asked for a rise in income.


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