maruti diesel engine phase out 1 This coincides with the new BS 6 emission norms will come into effect on that day.

Currently, 23% of the Maruti Suzuki annual sales comes from diesel cars and SUV’s  It is the high cost involved in upgrading the existing Maruti diesel engines to mee the BS 6 norms that is prompting the company to cut the power of the diesel engine.

In fact, the Indian biggie car maker Maruti has taken a cue from its parent  Suzuki Motor Corporation to discontinue production and sale of diesel vehicles from 2020.

So while the diesel engine will be taken of the chassis which power train will replace it in the engine cavity. Reports point toward compressed natural gas (CNG) and hybrid technology driven engines to take the place of the diesel power units.

The Maruti Suzuki move comes at the back of a global phasing out of the diesel and petrol powertrains  It is projected that the global electric vehicle market at $39.8 billion in 2018 is projected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2025.

So is the electric battery powered the future of the automobile? Auto manufacturer are a sceptic and for good reason

A recent study by the Institute for Economic Research in Munich casts doubt on electric vehicles environment saving credentials. In fact, their study  says that a Tesla Model 3 has a worse life-cycle carbon footprint than a similar-sized Mercedes diesel car which in fact means that  the Electric hybrid vehicle is not the solution

The search is still on and the big auto manufacturers like  Maruti Suzuki will have to find a solution to this  pertinent problem of our times


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