The Election Commission of India said that the just concluded 17th Lok Sabha elections 2019 recorded the highest ever voter turnout in independent India.  A 67.10 percent voter turnout was recorded beating all previous elections across 542 constituencies. The elections in Vellore were cancelled by the EC on account of abuse of money power.

In 2014, the overall voter turnout for all the 543 Lok Sabha constituencies stood at 66.44 percent which still falls short when compared to 2019 Elections. Before 2019, the highest voter turnout was witnessed in 2014 and the lowest being recorded in 1951, the 1st General Election of independent India 45.67 percent.

According to the trends put forth by the EC, the highest increase in voter turnout  was witnessed in Madhya Pradesh (increased from 61.61% to 71.2%) followed by Himachal Pradesh (increased from 64.45% to 71.52%.

The biggest slump was seen in the state of Jammu and Kashmir which recorded a voter turnout 29.39% which was 20 % lower than 49.72% recorded in 2014.

The state wise voter turnout for the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is not available as the bifurcation took place in 2014.

The Election Commission gave out the polling percentages recorded in different rounds of the elections 2019 as follows. In the first phase, the turnout was 69.61 percent which went down to 69.44% in the second round and further lowered to 68.40 percent in third round.

The turnout in fourth and fifth phase came down to 65.50 percent and 64.16 percent respectively before going up to 64.40 in sixth phase. In the seventh and final phase the voter turnout was 65.15 percent.



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