Rahul Gandhi addressing the press conference | source: twitter

Addressing a press conference on the last day of campaigning, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said, “Congress dismantled Modi’s ideology.”

Speaking on the future role of senior leaders like Sonia Gandhi in the party, Gandhi said, “I’m not Narendra Modi, won’t ignore experience. Congress will benefit from Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh’s experience.”

Talking about Congress’ strategy he said, “Our strategy two years back was to systematically close doors that Modi could open. We have closed 90 per cent of his doors and he closed 10 per cent himself.”

He mentioned how their strategy was built around the issues of unemployment, farmers’ issues, Rafale and economy, including the problems of demonetization and “Gabbar Singh Tax” (referring to Goods and Services Tax).

Speaking about the gathbandhan in Uttar Pradesh, Gandhi said, “Priority no. 1 is to defeat BJP, priority no. 2 is to push Congress’ ideology [in the state] and priority no. 3 is Vidhan sabha elections.” He maintained that he has to fight for Congress’ space in UP.

“We have fought the BJP, and we have protected the institutions of this country from Modi and RSS”, he argued, while elaborating his game plan during the elections.

On the question, if Congress is open to a non-Congress PM, Gandhi cleared that it would be decided only after the people’s mandate on 23 May.

Rahul Gandhi also commented on the Election Commission calling it “biased”. He said, “Election Commission issued orders keeping in mind PM Modi’s schedule.” He mentioned how others are targeted but PM Modi is able to get away with his comments.

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Rahul Gandhi’s press conference happened at the time BJP President Amit shah was also holding a press conference. The conference was unprecedented as PM Modi accompanied Shah and addressed the reporters. However, Modi didn’t take any questions from the reporters and left them for Shah to answer.

“No, no, not me. We don’t speak in front of the president,” PM Modi told a reporter, when he was asked a question.

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