Advocate R. S. Pandian in an exclusive to India Ahead Channel claims that former AIADMK general secretary V.K Sasikala is set to walk out of the jail in a few weeks – but the exact date depends on her paying the fine of rupees ten crores.

According to her lawyer, she has written a letter asking him to make arrangements for the fine and keep the amount ‘ready’. In a letter written to Pandian on October 15, Sasikala has expressed confidence on being released by jail authorities soon and would inform him as soon as that happens. Interestingly, R.S. Pandian added that she has dismissed rumors about her health while directing him to consult her nephew Dhinakaran for any issues.

Months ahead of elections which will place in 2021, Tamil Nadu’s politics has been heating up. The Dravidian parties and national parties have begun their preparations for defectors. The most recent was a surprise from Khushbu Sundar as she jumped ship from Congress to BJP, after having fought the same party for years on social media. The actor turned politician continues to have a pull in social media circles backed by her loyal fans.

Interestingly, two AIADMK leaders, former minister V.S. Vijay and former MP Lakshmanan had recently crossed over to the DMK, which is its main rival on the Dravidian front. There have been rumors of superstar Rajinikanth joining politics.

Sasikala was convicted in Rs 66 crore disproportionate assets case on Feb 14, 2017 and was sentenced to undergo a four-year jail term, which is near completion. Her release before Tamil Assembly polls can affect the political calculations of AIADMK and DMK.


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