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With elections just two days away, Bihar will see its voters practice their franchise on three separate days as the elections for the state will be held in three phases ie Oct 28, Nov 3 and Nov 7. According to the Election Commission of India, Bihar has 7.29 crore voters which include 3.85 crore male, 3.4 crore female voters and 1.6 lakh service voters.

Amidst pandemic, where social interaction has been scarce and avoided, we bring you a simple guide to check your name on the list to prevent any confusion on D-Day.

Guide to check your name on Electoral roll:

Step 1: To check your name on the electoral list, go to National Voters’ Service Portal on nvsp.in

Step 2: Click on the Search in Electoral roll button

Step 3: Once clicked, another window will open which will have 2 options by which any voter can check their name on the list. First window will have ‘Search by Details’ tab and the second option will be Search by EPIC Number.

You can select any of the options and search for your name on the electoral roll.

If you choose ‘Search by Details’ tab, you need to enter your Name, Age, Father’s/Husband’s Name, and then enter your Date of Birth and Gender from the drop down lists. You will need to specify State, District and the name of the assembly constituency as well. After filling these details enter the captcha code to successfully search your name.

If you choose, ‘Search by EPIC number’ tab, you will need to enter your voter ID card number in the EPIC section of the page. Next fill the name of the state and then enter the captcha code and press search tab to open the electoral list.

If you want to download the voter slip, first go to the official website of Bihar electoral officer at ceobihar.nic.in. Then go to the search electoral roll, then click search in PDF where you will be directed to another window, there click on the assembly constituency and click on the number which lists your locality. Then enter the captcha code and the voter list will open for your reference.


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