West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday made scathing remarks on the Election Commission saying that the poll body is acting on the directions of the BJP. Addressing a press conference last night the TMC leader said the poll body has become a ‘mouthpiece and spokesperson’ functioning on the ‘instructions of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

Referring to the Election Commission’s decision to stop campaign a day in advance in West Bengal Banerjee described it as “unprecedented, unconventional, unfair, unethical and politically biased.”

Banerjee went on to say “I never disrespected any Constitutional body but there is a limit to the humiliation and insult… If the EC sends me a show cause notice, then I am ready to face 50 such notices, because I will not tolerate this insult to my state and my people… EC is obstructing everybody except Modi and Shah. We raised so many complaints with the EC but never got any constructive reply”.

Mamata Banerjee said there was no law and order problem in the state that led to inviking article 324 of the constitution. Even if there was a law and order problem it is a state subject and so it is the responsibility of the state to handle it. “there is no law and order problem in West Bengal, the campaigning was not done by EC on its own but was done on the instructions of Narendar Modi and Amit Shah.

Banerjee questioned why Amit Shah was not slapped with a show-cause notice for causing huge violence over the desecration of Eshwar Chadra Vidyasagar’s bust.  Instead Mamata said that “EC rewarded Amit Shah by stalling campaign after the BJP’s rally.”

She alleged that Amit Shah spent 15-20 Crore which is beyond the permitted amount to be spent, and questioned why EC didn’t send show-cause notice to Amit Shah. She slammed EC “Is this how EC is helping Modi win the elections. But the people of Bengal are angry, they will take revenge through ballot box.”


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