PM Modi at the NDA address meet at Central Hall | source: twitter

After being unanimously elected as the leader of NDA and the next Prime Minister of India in the 17th Lok Sabh elections, Narendra Modi addressed the NDA leaders present in the Parliament’s Central Hall.

Suggesting that minorities in India have been deceived and made to live in fear, he claimed it was the work of vote-bank politicians.

“Minorities have been kept in fear, used in elections. We have to end this cycle”, said Modi, adding, “We must not leave anyone behind, there should be no discrimination.”

“In 2014, I said that my Government is dedicated to the Dalits, the poor, the victims, the underprivileged, the tribals of the country. Today, again, I want to say that in 5 years we did not let ourselves lose sight of that”, he spoke on the issue of underprivileged sections.

Urging that all are equal even the Prime Minister, he said that doesn’t wish to be treated differently at the airport and would like stand in the line for security check.

Speaking to the leaders, he said, “I am also one of you. I am equal to you. We have to walk shoulder by side.”

“It is generally said that the election divides, creates distances, makes the wall. But the 2019 election has worked to break the walls. This election has become a movement of social unity”, said Modi.

Speaking to the NDA leaders on winning the trust of the public, PM Modi reiterated that NDA is not just for those who trusted them  but also for those whose trust they have to win over.

“We can no longer be a stranger to human sensitivities”, he added.

To their slogan of “Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas”, Modi added “Sabka Vishwas”, urging the need to win the heart of every Indian.

Referring to the MPs, who had been elected to the Lok Sabha for the first time, he advised “not to be misled by people for ministerial berths”.

He further advised the newly-elected MPs to shed their arrogance.

He had special instructions for his party men. He asked them to maintain restraint in speaking to media, adding that “some statements made for publicity often trouble them.”

At the meeting, Modi was backed unanimously by NDA leaders including SAD’s Parkash Singh Badal, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, LJP chief Ram Vilas Paswan and Shiv Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray, who endorsed him as the leader of the alliance.

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