RSLP chief Upendra Kushwaha | source: twitter

In the unprecedented comments that could stir a controversy Rashtriya Lok Samta Dal (RLSP) chief Upendra  Kushwaha on Tuesday urged the people of Bihar and allies to safeguard their votes even if it requires to pick up weapons, ANI reported.

Kushwaha’s remarks have come in the backdrop of various reports and videos of EVMs being allegedly tampered.

In the videos that surfaced on Tuesday, it was seen that EVMs were being moved and stored in unauthorized vehicles.

He warned of carnage in Bihar if the government “tries to steal the peoples’ votes” by tampering EVMs. He asked supporters to carry arms to the counting centres, if needed on May 23.

Remembering the times when booth capturing was a norm of the day in the state, Kushwaha said, “Today the booth capturing does not take place but there are efforts being made to loot the election results. If an attempt like this is made this time, then I urge the people of Bihar and mahagathbandhan to even pick up weapons to protect their votes.”

“We have received news that a vehicle carrying EVMs was recovered and the officials there had no answer for that. Incidents like these create doubts in the people’s mind which is legitimate”, he added.

Kushwaha maintained that there is anger among the people and the state and central governments are responsible to deal with it. “If they won’t do it then the people and mahagathbandhan will not sit quietly,” he said.

Further, Vikasheel Insaan Party (VIP) chief Mukesh Sahni said that the voters should protect their votes themselves. “It’s time, the poor and oppressed populace rise up from slumber and become chowkidars to protect their votes,” he urged.

On the question whether he intended to incite violence during the counting day, Kushwaha said, “As a citizen of the country and responsible politician, it is my duty to caution the administration on the angst pervading the people’s minds and the possible outcome. After all, it’s a matter of the poor, dalit, Muslims and extremely backward class peoples votes.

Mentioning Late Karpuri Thakur he said that the former had also “suggested that people should protect their votes”, adding that as they are disciples of Thakur, they are only following him.


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