PM Modi At Sasaram Rally Says ‘Phir Ek Baar, NDA Sarkar’

Starting election campaign activities in poll-bound Bihar, Prime Minister Modi at the Sasaram rally expressed confidence about the success of the BJP-Nitish Kumar alliance for the upcoming elections next week. Modi in his address to the people in Bihar tried some Bhojpuri to connect better with the people present in the rally as well as those who were remotely listening to the broadcast.

Much like his address for West Bengal yesterday, he paid respects to late leaders, Ram Vilad Paswan and Babu Raghuvansh Raj Singh, “I pay my respects to Ram Vilas Paswan Ji, who was with me till his last breath and gave his entire life for the welfare of the poor and Dalits. Similarly, Babu Raghuvansh Prasad Singh ji also worked for poor. I pay respects to him too.”

PM Modi lauded the Nitish Kumar government for tackling and controlling the pandemic within the state. “If Bihar had not acted fast, the pandemic would have killed many, many more. It would have been unimaginable mayhem. But today Bihar, having battled Covid, is now celebrating the festival of democracy,” he said

He then shifted focus to his own government at the center, “NDA government has given priority to the poor in the time of coronavirus. At a place where poor’s ration was looted inside the shops, we are delivering ration to their homes. Where the money meant for the poor went into corruption, this government was able to organize free food for families in the middle of the pandemic.”

The ‘Vishal Jansabha’ Rally in Sasaram, marked the Bhartiya Janta Party’s first rally in Bihar which is jointly held with Nitish Kumar. During the speech, Modi also touched upon the sensitive issue of Bihar soldiers who lost their lives in Galwan Valley during the skirmish along the LAC, Modi said, “Sons of Bihar lost their lives in Galwan Valley for the tricolour and ensured Bharat Mata’s head is held high. Jawans of Bihar were also martyred in Pulwama attack. I bow my head at their feet and pay respects.”

He expressed his optimism for the upcoming elections, according to PM Modi all the surveys and reports say that NDA will again form government in Bihar.

Prime Minister Modi will be addressing three rallies in Sasaram, Gaya and Bhagalpur in poll-bound Bihar today. He is scheduled to hold 12 election rallies in Bihar during the assembly election campaign. Meanwhile, main opposition leader from Congress leader Rahul Gandhi will also address two election rallies today


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