Narendra Modi and Amit Shah arrive at the BJP headquarters for addressing party workers | source: twitter

In the evening after the results were declared, Modi reached the BJP headquarters to address the party cadres, who hailed him incessantly.

The address began with BJP President Amit Shah speaking about BJP’s historic victory. He said, “I express my gratitude to people of India for giving a historic mandate to the Modi government. This is a victory of Narendra Modi’s popularity.”

“BJP is the first party in 50 years that has won an absolute majority,” he said, adding that it was the only party to rule with a majority and also return with a massive majority.

“This is a victory of ‘sabka saath sabka vikas’ over parties who supported ‘tukde tukde’ gang”, Shah said.

Further, he claimed that SP-BSP’s defeat shows there is no place for dynasty and caste politics in India.

Soon, PM Modi took to the podium to address the party workers.

He thanked the cadres for BJP’s astounding victory. He said this is the highest voter turnout India has seen, adding that the world will have to acknowledge India’s democratic strength.

Modi particularly mentioned something called a tag, which the previous governments and some people have been using. He revealed the tag was the word “secularism”. “Frrom 2014 to 2019, the entire “community” stopped speaking of that word”, he claimed.

“They have been wearing this mask of secularism earlier but during this time they couldn’t dare to use it”, said Modi attacking the secularist parties including Congress.

Interestingly, Modi said that this was the first election where corruption was not an issue, which, contrarily, had been the constant churn in earlier elections.

He asserted that there will be only two castes in the country – firstly, the poor and secondly, those contributing to alleviate poverty.

Expressing humility in victory, Modi said, “We were not disappointed when we won only 2 seats. We will not abandon our humility, ideals and values when we have come back to power.”

“The government is formed by mandate, but the country is run by consensus”, he added.

“If someone has won, it’s India. India’s democracy has won, its public has won. Therefore, all people from the BJP and NDA with humility dedicate this victory to public. I congratulate all the winners, no matter from which party or which region they contested”, he said before ending his victory speech.

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