The Aam Admi Party has released its manifesto for the upcoming elections. The Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal lashed out at Congress President Rahul Gandhi asking him ‘Who forms alliances on Twitter?” for the failed talks over a Congress-AAP alliance. Kejriwal said Rahul Gandhi should be held responsible of BJP comes to power in Delhi.

Kejriwal was referring to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet last week which said Congress is all in for an alliance but it is Kejriwal who has taken a ‘U’ turn on a possible alliance of AAP and Congress in Delhi. Addressing the media Kejriwal said “I want to ask Rahul Gandhi which alliance is formed on Twitter? They don’t have intention to forge an alliance. For the past two months, we have been trying for an alliance. I am saying this with huge sadness that if Modi and Shah return to power only one person will be responsible- Rahul Gandhi.”

After much delay over talks, both the parties have announced their candidates for all the 7 seats in Delhi ruling out the possibilities of forging an alliance in the national capital.

The talks between Congress and AAP had failed as AAP wanted to extend the alliance to Haryana and Punjab. But the congress was insisting on a tie-up in Delhi.

The Aam Admi Party has earlier alleged that congress was not coming up with a fair deal and wants three seats in Delhi with no benefits in other states (Haryana and Punjab) where congress has considerable hold.

But Rahul Gandhi maintained that congress was ready to forgo 4 seats in Delhi and that Aam Admi Party was making extreme advances in seat-sharing. He also alleged that the party is forced to fight alone.

AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal also said they would not need Congress Party’s help and that they will stand in the fray alone.

Delhi will go to polls in the sixth phase on May 12th and the counting to be held on 23rd May.


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