Priyanka Chopra
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A woman who’s got sass, a woman who’s got the style and a woman who’s got a sense of what it takes to succeed, Priyanka never fails to astonish her audience!

This fabulous woman grew up being told that she needn’t try and fit into a glass slipper, instead, she ought to shatter the glass ceiling.

Happy Birthday Priyanka Chopra: 5 reasons we absolutely love her!

She lived up to the hopes of her father by publicly dismantling some of the irrational beliefs that form the building blocks of our Indian traditions.

On her birthday today lets highlight Priyanka’s efforts towards breaking the stereotypes and challenging the norm. 

  1.   Enter, Hollywood

As we know, Priyanka recently starred in an American show by the name of Quantico. This show brought her remarkable international acclaim and recognition. However, what makes her story different from other Indian stars who acted in Hollywood serials and movies is that she plays the role of an American girl. Parrish, which is the name of her character is not the usual accented, nodding Indian. Rather, she plays an opinionated and headstrong character who isn’t averse to the idea of having sex on screen.  

  1.   The Marriage

Having posed the question of whether to get married because you are getting older or because it is the right person and time, Priyanka does not support the stereotypical Indian values associated with matrimony. 

At the age of 36, she married Nick Jonas who is 10 years younger. By doing this, she didn’t just challenge the Indian outlook on the appropriate age for marriage but also aroused the judgments of her fans and critics. The thriving actress, however, pays no heed to what other people may think or say as long as she feels that she is not in the wrong.

  1.   Flaws to flaunt

Priyanka strongly believes that our flaws are not something we’ve got to be ashamed of, essentially, they are what make a person unique. In fact, during one of her interviews, she clearly said, ‘you fall, get up, make mistakes, learn from them, be human and be you’. 

Her views on mistakes are most certainly an antithesis to what most girls are taught and she expresses them without a hint of hesitation. Here is an actress with an opinion who won’t let the views of others interfere with her philosophy of life. 

  1.   Inspiring Equality in Every Step

Priyanka does not just support equality of women in conversation, but also by way of how she leads her life. When she made the transition from Bollywood, Priyanka made sure that her new role was different from the picture of a typical Indian woman painted by Hollywood. This actress firmly believes that ethnicity has nothing to do with opportunity and ability. Having herself fought stereotypes in the industry she states how ethnicity and ability are completely separate entities. She stresses how we should never confuse the two and works towards a future where actors are given roles based on their merit and not their skin colour. 

  1.   Career Goals 

Besides promoting the equality of women, Priyanka is also a firm believer in pursuing one’s career and attaining financial independence. As pointed out in a number of her interviews, she is strongly opposed to the stereotypical role of a woman that has been painted by the Indian society. 

She supports that both men and women can simultaneously be homemakers and breadwinners. She emphasizes the need for a woman to attain complete financial independence. This is opposed to the traditional thinking that believes men should provide the financial support and women should tend to the role of nurturing and care-giving.

Power to Priyanka

Hats off to this global icon who always leads by example. Her phenomenal achievements are not just inspiring but also add to the pride of being an Indian. Whilst we ponder over the star’s accomplishments, let us also take some notes. In a world of people who invariably aspire for progress, it’s important to bear the rationality behind the cultural setup. 

While it is important that we adapt to the norms of society, let us also make certain that our actions are driven by logic and not pure sentiment. 


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