1. Gandhi (1982)

The movie directed by Richard Attenborough is one of the first movies that portrayed the life of Mahatma Gandhi. The film shows a young Gandhi as a lawyer in South Africa and how he was thrown off the train as a victim of racism.

2. Lage Raho Munna Bhai (2010)

A popular movie based on humor but yet conveyed a strong message. The film shows how Gandhi’s ideologies of Ahimsa, Shwachhta, and Truth are followed in today’s era.

3. Hey Ram (2000)

Kamal Hassan and Shah Rukh Khan starrer, ‘Hey Ram’ is based on the concept of partition. It depicts the story of two friends who were affected by the unfolding events during the time of partition. The name of the movie ‘HEY RAM’ are the words spoken by Mahatma Gandhi on his deathbed.

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4. Gandhi, My Father (2007)

This movie is based upon the biography of Harilal Gandhi(Mahatma Gandhi’s son), titled Harilal Gandhi: A Life by Chandulal Bhagubhai Dalal. Gandhi My Father paints the picture of Gandhi’s intricate, complex and strained relationship with his son Harilal Gandhi.

5. The Making of the Mahatma (1996)

The Making of the Mahatma is an Indian – South African film directed by Indian filmmaker Shyam Benegal. This movie depicts the early life of Gandhi during his 21 years in South Africa. The film is based upon the book, The Apprenticeship of a Mahatma, by Fatima Meer (who also wrote the screenplay).

6. Mahatma: Life of Gandhi, 1869?1948 (1968)

This 1968 documentary is a biography detailing the life of Mahatma Gandhi. The film was produced by The Gandhi National Memorial Fund in cooperation with the Films Division of the Government of India. Vithalbhai Jhaveri, the director and scriptwriter of the film has also provided the commentary throughout the film. This was a black and white film with the story being narrated in Gandhi’s own words.

7. Gandhi to Hitler (2011)

The film set in the backdrop of World War II, revolves around the letters written by Mahatma Gandhi to Adolf Hitler. The film portrays the difference of ideologies between the two leaders and claims the superiority of Gandhism over Nazism.


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