Over-the-top (OTT) platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon have gained a lot of popularity nowadays. It can be quite overwhelming to browse all of them to pick the perfect show for your weekend bingeing. And now, Bollywood star Arjun Kapoor, a self-proclaimed TV addict, has listed down some of his favourite shows to watch.

Have a look: 

Succession (Hotstar)

If you liked Newsroom series then Succession can be your next addiction. This show reflects the fight for power in a family that owns one of the largest media empires.Succession is inspired by Rupert Murdoch’s life.

The Looming Tower (Amazon)

What happens when America’s top two agencies like FBI and CIA gets into rivalry? Well, The Looming Tower is a nuanced show which displays how these agencies might have been a contributing factor in 9/11 attack. 

Ozark (Netflix)

Ozark is a financial crime-drama which can be enjoyed for its intriguing quality. It’s a gripping show that remains deeply underrated.

Fauda (Netflix)

It is action-thriller series from Israel which grabs your attention from the very first episode.

Lost (Netflix)

It is Arjun Kapoor’s favourite series and he recommends everyone to watch this masterpiece. From the production quality to the editing and then the twists and turns, everything is great about this show.


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