Deepika Padukone at the trailer launch of “Chhapaak”. (Image Courtesy: Twitter)

Meghna Gulzar’s much-awaited film “Chhapaak” comes out with its first trailer at the trailer launch event on Tuesday. After Talvar and Raazi, this is Meghna’s third venture where she is again dealing with a difficult subject as she did in her earlier movies.

Chhapaak is based on the inspiring life story of acid-attack survivor and activist, Laxmi Agrawal, which will be played by actress Deepika Padukone.

Actress Deepika Padukone at the trailer launch of her upcoming film “Chhapaak”, says the success of any film depends on its impact and longevity in the market.

“I feel that now, more than ever before for me, the success of a movie is really about the impact it is able to have on people’s lives. Are we able to change mindsets? Are we able to make an impact? And don’t get me wrong, not every story needs to be hard-hitting. It could be a simple emotion, like joy or love. As long as it makes you feel something, think (about) something, and evoke emotions. I think, for me, that truly is the meter of success. Also, the film should have longevity. A film that I would want to watch 10 years from now, for me, is a success,” said Deepika.

Deepika further talked about working with prosthetics and make-up artists to get the look of an acid attack victim right.

“It is so Ironic, even I didn’t know what I would feel when I saw myself in the mirror for the first time (after make-up). I remember that moment very clearly when we were doing the look test at Fox Studio office. It took me four to five hours for the look, and when I did look at myself in the mirror, I told Meghna that I still felt like myself. Nothing had changed. That is the day I found my character, and I knew what I need to do in this movie. I don’t think we are defined by our external appearances,” she said.

Talking about taking up such a challenging story, Deepika said she found the story inspiring and knew Meghna Gulzar would do justice to the film. “It is not often that you come across a story that inspires you so much, and it’s not about the incident as much as it’s about the triumph over it. I have been extremely fortunate to meet Laxmi Aggarwal. One of the most important things is the marriage between having that story and also having the right person to tell it. I could see the sincerity and the honesty, and I knew I was in good hands,” the actress further explained.

Chhapaak is produced by Deepika Padukone and Meghna Gulzar in collaboration with Fox Star Studios. The movie will be released on January 10, which also happens to be Deepika’s Birthday.

Watch the trailer here:


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