Chhapaak review_deepika-padukoneChhapaak Movie Review

Chhapaak Movie director: Meghna Gulzar

Chhapaak Movie cast: Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey

Chhapaak Movie Review star rating: 3\5  (3 stars Out of 5)

Deepika Padukone has come a long way from playing Shantipriya in Om Shanti Om to Malti in Chhapaak and in this review, I tell you how she channelled the power of her acting to pull off her toughest roles so far. It could have been horribly flat but Deepika brings to the role nuance that places her act amongst the Bollywood greats

Playing the on-screen role of real-life acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal was no easy deal. This is the story of a Delhi girl who refused to give up after acid was thrown on her by a spurned lover. With a never say die attitude Deepika in the film soldiers on to fight the inner demons and the shame of the outside world and come out with a million-dollar winning smile on her face.

Malti,  Deepika’s character in the film refuses to hide her disfigured face appearing in public to be a source of inspiration for other girls and women who find themselves in the same circumstance.

What sets this film apart is the studied effort by director Meghna Gulzar to keep the story as real and in your face if I may have the liberty of using the term as possible. It even has accounts from real survivors to lend weight to the reality of victims of acid attacks.

Chhapaak also puts the spotlight firmly on the way that the law views acid attack cases and also highlighting Malti’s long-drawn battle for a ban on the sale of acid in stores. It is interesting to note that even though  Meghna brings into focus both battles it does not get preachy just putting the issue out there without being preachy at all. That makes this film brilliant in its on-screen translation.

This film is a stark reality in many ways and that is its strength So watch Chhapaak a power-packed super solid performance but beyond that for the may battles that women fight every day at different levels and more so those who are victims of an attack that wounds both mind and body .

I will give the Chhapaak Movie Review a star rating of 3\5, three  stars out of five




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