Kanika Kapoor

An FIR has been filed in the name of Kanika Kapoor for scorning government advisories regarding Coronavirus.

The Bollywood Singer tested positive of Coronavirus came in amid the rising scare of the deadly pandemic.

‘Baby Doll’ singer returned from London to Mumbai by the Air India flight AI130 on March 10, since there is no direct flight Lucknow. On March 15th, she tested positive at King George’s Medical University. She had attended two parties and an event in Kanpur, since her return. Kapoor is put under quarantine and complete medical care.

This recorded as the 23rd case of the state.

Kanika had attended two parties in Lucknow and one event Kanpur without testing for the virus in the first hand. This ignorant step proved to be fatal, as almost 300-400 people she got in contact with have been advised to self-isolate.

The parties attended by Kanika had high profile guests like bureaucrats, politicians, and retired judges, including BJP leader Vasundhara Raje and son Dushyant Singh.

In a precautionary move, they have put themselves on self-quarantine. Anupriya Patel, who was also present at the party, through a tweet announced her quarantine due to the same.

Dushyant Singh was also seen in the Parliament session in Lok Sabha and thus Derek O’Brien who was sitting beside him has also put himself on self-isolation.

Officials have been contacting all possible connections who could have allegedly come in contact with the singer. They are being sent to self-quarantine.

Though India has taken necessary efforts, community transmission like that of Kanika remains the biggest threat to India in the fight against Coronavirus.

The challenge of a large country like India with overcrowding is that some people will always slip the net, wherever or however you put it.

The country saw its fifth death today and recorded infected cases rise to 223 as the government imposed a near-virtual lockdown.

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