Washington [US], October 19: A day after the buzz on social media, ‘Die Hard’ dropped an action-packed advertisement of actor Bruce Willis as protagonist John McClane promoting DieHard brand car batteries on Monday.

In a two-minute-long clip, Willis who is playing the character of McClane, whistles as he walks toward a group of menacing-looking people waiting for him. He unzips his jacket and begins to take it off as it fades to black. Spliced in-between video footage is the message: “As one story ends, a new one begins.”

The 65-year-old actor was seen fighting his way to Advance Auto Parts to racing against the clock to install his new DieHard Battery – McClane will stop at nothing, to start his car again, Variety reported.

The franchise had rolled out a teaser of the advertisement, which made the ‘Die Hard’ fans guess what’s next, added Variety.

Willis embarks on a dangerous mission to get a new battery for his dead car. He is seen indulging in a chase scene.

Of course, the clip included a few easter eggs from the franchise, including an appearance from McClane’s limousine driver, Argyle, and a scene in which McClane bashes an enemy over the head with his own brand of car battery. The advertisement ends with Argyle saying “Yippee ki yay,” to which McClane responds, “Hey, that’s my line!”


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