Sunny Leone, Bihar, Junior Engineer, Public Health Department, Merit list, topper

Bihar’s Public Health Engineering Department has filed a charge sheet against ‘Sunny Leone’ who topped the merit list for Junior Engineer’s post.
The candidate had topped with 98.5 per cent marks.
In a prank on the online system, job applications for the post under the name ‘Sunny Leone’ and ‘bvcxzbnnb’ had surfaced. The system picked up details entered in the application forms and later displayed Sunny Leone as the merit list topper.
After the incident, the state Education Minister Vinod Narayan Jha came in defence of the government. He said that all the fake applications will be nullified during the counselling process.
However, Jha stated that right now it can’t be confirmed whether the candidate by the name of ‘Sunny Leone’ is fake or real as “there can be more people with this name”.
“Some people might have filed fake applications. But these applications will be nullified. As many as 17,000 people have applied for this vacancy. Right now we can’t say whether this is fake or real. There can be more people with this name. The investigation will be done through the counselling process itself,” he added.
Asked whether he knows who Sunny Leone is, Jha said, “No. I don’t know any person by this name.”
Interestingly, Sunny, a well-known actress in Bollywood, herself took a potshot at the news on Twitter.
“HAHA, I’m so glad the OTHER me has scored so well !!!!! lol,” Sunny tweeted a few days ago.



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