Good Newwz movie review finalGood Newwz movie review

Good Newwz movie director: Raj Mehta

Good Newwz movie cast: Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Diljit Dosanjh, Kiara Advani, Adil Hussain, Tisca Chopra, Anjana Sukhani

Good Newwz movie review rating: 3/5 three stars on five  stars

Vicky Donor gone wrong, in this Good Newwz review, I tell you why this movie really brings year-end cheer.  Two couples with the same names are mixed up in a switch of sperm samples when they go in for in-vitro fertilization is at the heart of this funny take on a very modern-day malady

A very refreshing out of the box way to end  2019. The Good Newwz movie sees Varun played by Akshay Kumar and Deepti, Kareena Kapoor Khan in the film on one side of the couple spectrum and   Honey  Diljit Dosanj and Kiara Advani Monika are the other couple. The film brings together the couples bound by fate and a lab technicians mistake at the fertilisation centre to make for a rib-tickling sometimes OTT comedy.

So the two couples will do anything to have a baby after all babies ar such a refreshing rarity in India that everyone has to try for one even if it means going the the ‘clinic’ to make it happen with in-vitro.  So there ia a lot of comedy and drama and melodrama as both couples make their way to the clinic only to have the samples mixed up …..So what is the good news, I’m not telling just that it is a film to end the year with.

Akshay Kumar is brilliant and I’m overjoyed he’s not holding a patriotic flag high but really biting into some very well done comedy even if it a tad raunchy. Kareena is a good foil to all his antics and the two light the screen up with some well-done comedy. To be fair I cannot leave Diljit and Kiara behind the young duo too make magic happen on screen. A good way to go.  While Id say that Diljit is underutilised but even so just being in the same frame as Akshay takes a lot and all four turn in a well-timed comedy act.

This film looks and feels like a Dharma film of yore and if I were to put my finger on it, the one reason would be the over dramatization of everything Punjabi in the film. It’s time the Batras were a normal couple, not a clichéd one, but then again would that be boring, maybe. One minus in an otherwise happy good looking film that can only be good news for cinema-goers.


So should you go watch Good Newwz, I would say certainly just for the fact that it has both the king of hit films Akshay Kumar and the king of Punjabi comedy Diljit Dosanjh and together they are belting out a comedy that sometimes errs on the side of raunchy, you couldn’t ask for more from a Bollywood year ending film.

So how much would I give the Good Newwz movie review rating, I’d say  3/5 three stars on five a good way to end the year.



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