The IN2IT band is lead by Inpyo Inho and debuted in October 2017 (Image: Bhavey)

If you’re a non-Korean K-pop fan, chances are that at some point your friends might ask, “How do you know what they are saying?” Despite the language barrier, there is a special connection between K-Pop artists and fans.

You don’t always need the lyrics to know what the artist is saying. The music, the fashion, visual metaphors, the right moves; all makes K-pop divine. “Initially I was sceptical and didn’t like the music because I couldn’t understand it. But one year later, I fell in love with BTS and their song DNA” says Devyanshi, a Delhi based music blogger.   

K-Pop music has taken the world with a storm, so does India. With a clump of crazy fans dancing on the tunes, many screamed the loved lyrics at the jam-packed Changwon K-Pop World Festival 2019 here at Talkatora Stadium on Saturday.

The six young boys of the IN2IT band and Dancer AleXa were the indisputable stars of the night, but the BTS songs… rocked the party. IN2IT are in India for the second time after wooing fans in Mumbai in April. The band comprising Inpyo Inho, Isaac, Jiahn, Yeontae, Hyunuk and Sunghyun debuted in October 2017 and has found a dedicated fanbase in India.

How India is riding the K-Pop music wave!
K-pop star AleXa is originally from the United States (Image: Bhavey)

Talking to India Ahead before her performance, AleXa said “Since I was young, I loved singing and dancing but I have always enjoyed the K-pop genre itself and when I got the opportunity to pursue this as my career and I just grabbed it.”

On being asked about future of K-pop in India, she said, “I definitely think there could be some kind of official catalyst in India as well that could officially begin the new generation of K-pop.”

“It’s really incredible that there is a giant fanbase here all the way other side of Korea” AleXa added.

The teenage AleXa K-pop star made headlines in India when she dressed in a lehenga danced solo first on iconic Bollywood anthem Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham song Bole Chudiyan. She was thenjoined by members of the IN2IT group dressed in black slick coats energising the crowd.

“I’m very much surprised and overwhelmed that so many K-Pop fans from India are here to enjoy the festival. I’m very much moved” North Korean Ambassador to India, Shin Bong-kil said in an interview.

“Personally, I see a lot of potential in the relationship between Korea and India. I’m very happy indeed” the ambassador said on relations between the cultures of both countries.

Fan chants are something without which any K-pop concert is incomplete. Highly impressed with the fans dancing to K-pop songs and the energy was crazy. Even when IN2IT performed some of their songs like ‘SnapShot’ and ‘Sorry For My English’, the crowd was all up in their seats and dancing to the music.

Tenzin, a Tibet native is attending a K-Pop event for the first time. “I have never liked music concerts but here I’m amazed at how people are crazy for them. IN2IT is definitely amazing” Tenzin said, who is pursuing geography honours from Delhi University.

IN2IT has performed at various parts of the globe, including Los Angeles, Singapore, Japan and are here for their second tour of the subcontinent. Inpyo is the leader of the group and their funky trackSorry for my English saw widespread popularity due to its frank message that music has no language.

“If you watch the IN2IT music videos, they are highly detail-oriented, colourful and the visuals are stunning. It seems like so many paintings are merged into one beautiful piece. This is the beauty of K-pop, despite being in a totally different language people can still connect to it and feel one. Of course, some of them go to the extent of actually learning Korean properly but there are a lot of them who simply enjoy the music and the vibe in general.” Devyanshi said. 


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