Jawaani-Jaaneman review 4Jawaani Jaaneman Movie Review

Jawaani Jaaneman Movie Director Nitin Kakkar

Jawaani Jaaneman Movie Stars: Saif Ali Khan, Aalia Furniturewalla, Tabu

Jawaani Jaaneman Movie Review star rating: 2\5 two stars on five

In this Jawaani Jaaneman movie review, I tell just why this contemporary family drama is another occasion for Saif Ali Khan to push the packet as far as storytelling is concerned. Chef, Rangoon Kaalaandi and Agent Vinod sometimes to me it looks like Saif picks up the roles no one else in Bollywood will try  and why because he can

This film is all about the ‘kachche dhagay’ of relationships that  build on a quirky plot with a sense of humour to tell a very modern-day story

So in the film  Jawaani Jaaneman  Saif plays a 40-something single man Jazz who love the good life that includes large dollops of drunken partying and debauchery. One day he hooks up with a

All is good until Jaswinder Singh that is Jazz’s real name swipes right to meet up with 21-year-old Tia played by  Aalia Furniturewalla. After that, the story changes and how. Literally all hell breaks loose when  Jazz is told that she is his 21-year-old daughter he never knew about an not only that she is pregnant as well. Now that is a truly liberal pot that a truly liberated India will understand, but are we that, id say not really so.

However moving swiftly on the story is taken forward by director Nitin Kakkar with many a twist and turn to reveal a very complex set of characters each one layered and with oodles of quirk to boot.

Saif  as I sad earlies is brilliant in the way he carries the eccentric funky character of jazz in style. As an old ad for tomato sauce said , it is different and I like the difference. The other cool collected and comic roll is that of debutante Alaya Furniturewala Pooja Bedi’s daughter for you , in real life that is. She too is on a roll in  the film and there is something very relatable and non-melodramatic  about her role that I relate to.

Then that are  Tabu a hippy with a twang and Saif Ali’s ex who is Alia’s mom as well. And finally, Kubra Sait who too adds to all the fun on screen

However, I must add here that while the first half of the film has much promise in terms of the storyline the second half rolls on and meanders at times and I wish it could be reined in  to move on with the story at hand

Jawaani Jaaneman definitely  has  moments that an in you face comedy  but moments done to make up a movie

So go watch  Jawaani Jaaneman  if you are a huge fan of Saif Ali it is worth the watch for his OTT portrayal of Jazz Singh

For that and a little more ID give this Jawaani Jaaneman Movie Review a  star rating of  2\5 two stars on five


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