Junglee movie review 1.jpegJunglee Movie Review

Junglee Movie Director: Chuck Russell

Junglee Movie Star Cast: Vidyut Jammwal, Pooja Sawant, Asha Bhat, Makrand Deshpande, Atul Kulkarni

Junglee Movie Review Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

This Junglee Movie Review is all about the return of Tarzan why do I say this? Back in 1985, there was a film called Tarzan that starred the then much muscled Hemant Birje.. For you who weren’t around then, this was supposed to to be the desi version of a very cool Hollywood movie. The reason why I went to watch was the heroine of the film Kimi Katkar. History just repeated itself

Cut to 2019  and Junglee the film takes us to Mumbai where a veterinary doctor by the name of Raj ‘naam toh suna he hoga’ played by Vidyut Jammwal gets ready who returns to his native place.  Cut to a sanctuary in Odhissa for elephants managed by his father. Tagging along is Meera we haven’t even got creative with the names,  played by Asha Bhat a journalist looking for a good wildlife story. Back home he meets his two best friends elephants Didi and Bhola and a jungle that has to be rescued from poachers…

The rest, as they say, is an action film where the Raj the king of the jungle roars to take on the bad poachers and smugglers who are out to kill the animals.

This is a Vidyut JJammwal film and he is the brand new  Tarzan on the block  so there is much fighting in the jungle and  losts of  big fights and lots of  picturesque verdanat  jungle but no story . and I believe like  good ingredients make a good meal so a good story well told makes a good film . No story worth the tell here just same old hero fights poachers. But but but there is a twist in the story the Jungle is  being seen throught the eyes of 2 foreigners  director Chuck Russell  and Cinematographer Mark Irwin  of robocop  fame so there is  a lot of the touristy stuff  thrown in for good measure . The jungle ggets retrofittend and cleaned up to make it look like an elephant God temple came right out of a Hollywood film.

Does it all add up? NO. The action is good the film is well shot and the martial artist half dressed tree swinging hard hitting Vidyut Jammwal does look a million bucks but that’s about it.  That apart the fans of Vidyut will go watch cos now he does have a loyal following I would like to believe.

My score for the Junglee Movie Review Rating is 2/5 Stars Two stars on five


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