Kesari movie review

Kesari movie director: Anurag Singh

Kesari movie Cast: Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra, with Mir Sarwar

Kesari movie review star rating: 3/5 three stars out of five

Historic action war films have a certain energy to them, the patriotic energy that they whip up can get a whole nation in ‘josh’ mode. In this Kesari movie review, we spell out the details for you.

Kesari movie is based on the historic battle of Saragarhi. The battle dates back to 1897 and the region around the North-West Frontier Province now Pakistan. Sikh soldiers 21 of the brave men fighting under the British Indian Army waged war against Afghan forces comprising mostly Pashtun tribesmen close to 10000 in number.

The Sikhs forces were led by Havildar Ishar Singh played by Akshay Kumar in the film, chose to fight unto death Historians consider this as one of the greatest standoffs by any army in battle.

Historical perspective out of the way let’s begin with the film. Kesari is one big inspiration for the patriot and certainly, a must watch for the millions of Akshay Kumar fans from across India and the world.

Kesari as a commercial film hits all the right patriotic notes, courage, heroism,  and national fervour all the film has oodles off. Under Anurag Singh’s direction, this film is tautly shot and well compiled to make for an interesting watch Its not brilliant thought and I will tell you why later.

The war cries are all in place the battle is well sketched out and Akshay Kumar is brilliant. He lifts the energy of this film with his act to unparallel levels. The only other today actor who can deliver such high levels of energy to his act is Ranveer Singh.

This is an  Akshay Kumar film from scene one to the end, for an actor who chooses his roles these days keeping them as patriotic as possible  Kesari fits like a glove.

So is there anything that keeps this war drama from being brilliant. Yes is the answer to that. This is a war drama, let’s look at Uri it was fast passed and kept you at the edge of the seat for most parts. this film is lost in war translation the drama of war the high octane sequences that should have served to keep you glued to the screen watching the action just don’t make the battle grade.

So the battle cry is the right pitch but in between one cry and the next this film just can’t muster up the courage to make a bold in your face action statement.

I would normally have only given it two stars but because Akshay Kumar makes most parts of this war saga  watchable, but not brilliant

I will give Kesari movie review star rating: 3/5 three stars out of five


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