laal kaptaan movie review

Laal Kaptaan Movie Review

Laal Kaptaan Movie Director: Navdeep Singh

Laal Kaptaan Movie Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Zoya Hussain, Manav Vij, Deepak Dobriyal, Simone Singh, Sonakshi Sinha

Laal kaptaan Movie Rating: 2/5 two stars out of five

If I were to give a one-line Laal Kaptaan Movie Review, it would be spaghetti western meets Pirates of the Caribbean meets period drama.

The Laal Kaptaan Movie is the creation of director Navdeep Singh  of NH10 and Manorama Six Feet Under fame. Saif Ali Khan plays a  Naga Sadhu out for vengeance and this is his journey.

Set in the late 18th century Bundelkhand, 25 years the British  East India Company is slowly  taking over control of the land and  Gossain  Saif Ali Khan  assisted by his  able and very well cast lookout man  Sancho Panza, Deepak Dobriyal and Zoya Hussain travel the arid desert in search of another legend of the desert Rehmat Khan Manav Vij for you.

Where’s the vengeance you ask. Rehmat has betrayed the Marathas and fled with their gold.  So is Khan the bounty hunter in search of the booty, not really the booty is just a by-product , the real reason why Saif Ali Khan is after Vij’s character is much more  intriguing  and we do not learn of the real motive until  well into the film , a good ploy by the director to keep us engaged.

So is Gossain’s bloodlust the single point of the very spaghetti western looking film, well if it’s a  Saif Ali film it cant be just that,  it has to be cerebral.  Laal Kaptaan is peppered with strongly worded monologue mostly about karma and the circle of life. Yes this does somewhere fit in with the silence of the scape it is set in.

So does a Jack Sparrow like demeanour coupled with a  gun-totting swashbuckling Western-type feel an interesting film make? Not really not to me and the missing piece according to me is the Villian. He is lost not strong enough and doesn’t really come out all guns blazing against his bloodthirsty pursuant Saif Ali Khan.

I always believe for a hero negative or otherwise to come out smelling like flowers, in the end, it is imperative to have a very evil villain Rehmat Khan isn’t that, in fact, there are moments where I just may think HE is the good guy.

IN Bollywood today we have become just too urbane the bad is not shown as BAD but someone with shades of grey. Bad baddie who owns it is what we badly need.

Which brings us to Saif Ali Khan I have to give it to him, he chooses roles that challenge skills and I like that. In Laal Kaptaan again he is pushing the bar there is a certain Jack Sparrowesque feel to his role, the good boy with a mean bad side comes out quite well and that makes this film worth the watch.

This coupled with Deepak Dobriyal’s funny yet dead serious all at once playout of his lieutenant is well worth the watch, accompanied by two dogs Sukhiram and Dukhiram the trio makes the action on-screen fun.

We all know of director Navdeep Singh’s ability to sculpt a graphically vivid picture of on-screen violence  to keep you invested as he did in NH 10, that  tension is really never in view here and something I was much expecting,

So in the / is watchable for the style of Saif Ali Khan the fun Interlude of Deepak Dobriyal and to some extent the action on screen.

So how much do I give this film, Id give  the Laal Kaptaan Movie Rating 2/5 two stars out of five
















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