Malang movie reviewMalang Movie Review

Malang Movie Director: Mohit Suri

Malang Movie Star Cast: Aditya Roy Kapur, Disha Patani, Anil Kapoor, Kunal Kemmu, Elli Avrram

Malang Movie Review star Rating: 2/5 two stars on five

Sometimes life is about living life from one high to another the only difference each one of us has a different high moral of this Malang Movie Review. This film shot mostly on Goa  is a romance with a thrilling twist in the tale but is it riveting, ah!! that is the question

Shy boy meets ‘chulbuli’ girl  Advait the introvert is played by Aditya Roy Kapur and Sara Disha Patani, while she is on a trip to Goa and the rest is a beautiful picture of living the good life until there comes a twist in the tale and their life is changed forever. The familiar plot, I say yes it is and in the end when the credits rolled id say my high while watching Malang was the Aditya  Sara scenes. She sizzles and he is a handsome hunk. Together they give us a whole host of holiday goals as they paint a pretty picture together.

Cut to a serial killer on the loose and the introduction of two brand new old cops. Anjaney Agashe, a lawless lawman and Michael Rodrigues, a righteous cop at least on the face of it. Anjaney Agashe is played by Anil Kapoor and Michael is  Kunal Kemmu for you in the film. Together it is their job to demask the serial killer on the loose. However, masks hide many layers and this one is no different.

As for the two Aditya Roy Kapur and  Disha Patani they put in a credible act together in Malang and I must say  Aditya has worked on those biceps to place him in the hunk category Disha is dripping hot and that has not changed but as she has shown earlier too she can act. What was a let down was Anil Kapoor who we all know can play the racy cop but is now getting more than stereotyped in his JHakass act of playing Baad boy cop.

As for the rest, there is little else except for painting Goa as the Go Goa Gone destination yet again where you come to bring on the highs. There are a number of scenes with warnings that drugs and cigarette smoking are injurious to health. I often wonder how effective they are to a mind that is impressed with that life

Anyway moving on, watch Malang for the super hot duo Aditya Roy Kapur and  Disha Patani if you are fans of either or both.

I give the Malang Movie Review star Rating: 2/5 two stars on five for the duo and the #travelgoals they have given us.




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