Mardaani 2 movie Director: Gopi Puthran

Mardaani 2 movie Cast: Rani Mukerji, Vishal Jethwa

Mardaani 2 movie review star  Rating: 3/5 three stars out of five

If there is a raw nerve across the length and breadth of India right now it is the matter of rape. In this Mardaani 2 movie review I tell you how Rani Mukherji has taken the bull by the horns in her latest film  Mardaani 2

At the center of Rani Mukerji’s latest film is the statistic  released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) which says that  in India over 2,000 rapes are committed every year by boys under the age of 18. Those are cases that have been registered.

Rani returns to Mardaani 2  to reprise her role as cop Shivani Shivaji Roy the no nonsense cop  who is here to protect the weak and bring the baddy to book good and proper. This time round posted in Kota, Rajasthan, she has on her hands the case of a rapist and psychopathic killer who is on the loose and every day the number of victims just keeps on rising. It is her duty to track this man down

Playing the psychopath on the loose Sunny is TV actor Vishal Jethwa .  This savage juvenile rapist knows full well that the trump card that gets him off scot free is the fact that he is underage. It is a card that works every time until he comes up against the likes of Shivani.

When he learns that there is a female cop out to nab him he ups the ante and  along the way develops an unhealthy obsession  for Shivani.

While this time round like every other time it is a treat to watch the confident spunky  no nonsense cop Mukerji . However the surprise package here is TV actor Vishal Jethwa. He is lethal as the violent rapist killer with a troubled past . he makes the movie a thrilling watch.

So much for the acting, as for the film it struck me as a mite too violent and in your face for my liking  but then again maybe it is a message like this that will jolt people out of in action . For those who resort to heinous crimes like this there is a message too as to the end that may await them.

The  pertinent question though does remain ‘does age matter’, how do we look at juvenile perpetrators of crime?

Currently there is a debate of across the media and the dining table  on the matter of gender inequality and bias. The recent Hyderabad rape case once again put the focus clearly on the crime and its punishment  and like the Nirbhaya case before it and the thousands that do not see the light of day it is very clear that the punishment for a crime of this nature too needs to be severe. A point that Mardaani 2 bring up time and again in its narrative.

A well made film with little to flaw I give Mardaani 2 movie review star  Rating of 3/5 three stars out of five




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