Director: Vipul Shah

Star cast : Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra

Review Star Rating 1/5 one stars on 5

It’s all about remembering Namaste London as director Vipul Shah takes us back to the bigger England for a revisit. No this is not a cut copy paste but yes there is a sense of Deja vu as you watch the film.

Strong bright 21st century India Punjabi lass Jasmeet Kaur played by Parineeti Chopra meets the simple son of the soil Param played by Arjun Kapoor. Her single focus like many of her elk is to go to London to live the good life away from the family commitments she is drawn to after marriage. This leaves Arjun drawn by the love for the soil is a confused man

Fate thinks otherwise Jasmeet flies away to the Velayat and Arjun is left to pursue her to a foreign land to fight for his love and win?

Like in Ki and Ka so in Namaste England Arjun Kapoor, dials up earnestness to give his character the act it deserves in the film. On the other hand Parineeti Chopra while looking picture perfect, well almost in every frame doesn’t get a really strong feminist role to bite into, and that to an extent is to do with the character sketched out for her.

That apart Namaste England has Vipul shah whip up same old in a different bottle melodrama while it worked back then in Namaste London is too OTT in a today’s world and with not enough of a twist and turn in the plot this film leaves you a bit asking for more

Part two may be called Namaste England but here the picture doesn’t get bigger it’s still set in London. Just a change in name doesn’t make for a bigger better picture.

I give Namaste England a Review Star Rating of 1/5 one star on 5


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