PM Narendra Modi Movie Review 1

PM Narendra Modi movie director: Omung Kumar

PM Narendra Modi movie cast : Vivek Oberoi, Zarina Wahab, Manoj Joshi and Darshan Kumaar.

PM Narendra Modi movie review rating: 2/5 two stars out of five

The Bollywood bio genre mostly chooses a lens with a slant in the PM Narendra Modi movie review I tell you why this film is no different. The  PM Narendra Modi directed by National Award-winning filmmaker Omung Kumar is yet another glorious account of the statesman.

From frame 1 we have a fanboy in frame playing Narendra Modi in the form of  Vivek Oberoi. It is as if through this film he wears an invisible T-shirt that says proud to be playing Narendra Modi So in a way this is more a fan tribute to the leader than a hard-hitting tell-all biopic

The film where Oberoi plays Modi charts the remarkable rise of Modi, from a boy who sold tea in a small railway station in Vadnagar in Gujarat, to becoming the PM of the largest Democracy on Earth.

The movie itself was made in record time  and it shows in the production quality of the film. The idea was to get the PM Narendra Modi biopic up and running and in cinemas before the end of the election process. However, the Election Commission threw a spanner in the works and it’s releasing just after Lok Sabha Elections 2019 is over.

This is a squeaky clean biopic and to that en it is not good cinema. Where is the drama that I’m sure was part of Narendra Modi’s life story none of this humanity in the character comes through. IN fact, is more a tribute than a biopic.

With the result beyond what we already know about the leader, we do not get to see much. In fact, we don’t really get much of an account of his personal life for instance not even the fact that he loves his mangoes ripe and straight off the tree.

As far as acting and the role goes Vivek Oberoi certainly has scored as far as the  Narendra Modi look is concerned. By in large he has got the look and the act right  in fact if I may say too right

As for the plot points in the story go they are all strategically in place to bring out the leadership qualities of the man and in a way bring them into the spotlight. A bit of balance would have turned this film into great cinema as well.

As for the film, I predict that the  PM Narendra Modi biopic movie will be a huge success at the box office and given the resounding victory that Narendra Modi has led his party the BJP to in Elections 2019  I’m sure his millions of fans will flock the theatres to watch the film.  Who knows it just may be the biggest blockbuster of the year given the fact there is a whole nation of fans currently on a fandom binge

Even so for my PM Narendra Modi movie review, I will give the film 2/5 two stars out of five



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