Priyanka Chopra was at the Beautycon event in Los Angeles, USA on Saturday where she brought the attention to the differential treatment meted out to women in the entertainment industry.

Priyanka Chopra, the Goodwill ambassador for UNICEF emphasized on the limited opportunities for women and that they should elbow each other to get the others out of that spot.

Priyanka also pointed out double standards in the entertainment industry and said “I’ve been asked so many times in interviews that “you’re doing a movie with a female actor? Did you have any cat fights? But when it comes to boys, they say Oh my gosh, that’s a bromance and everyone works so well.”

She stressed that women need to create more opportunities for women will create a strong sisterhood and that the world stands to benefit by putting women in positions of power.

Priyanka Chopra was quoted as saying “the more opportunities we create for each other, more sisterhood will grow. We’re 50 percent of the world population, we need to be represented in every field. There is a need to empower each other by women in positions of power and by putting women in positions of power.”

The event attended by Priyanka Chopra was in lime light as a woman accused her of being a ‘hypocrite’ for supporting the Indian government’s airstrike on Balakot.

In February this year when the Indian Government conducted airstrikes on Balakot, Priyanka Chopra tweeted “Jai Hind. Indian Armed Forces.”

At that time this raked up a huge controversy with many even demanding that Priyanka Chopra should be removed from being the goodwill ambassador of UNICEF.


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