Priyanka Reddy
Locals protested outside the Shadnagar Police Station in Telangana’s Hyderabad on Saturday. (Image Courtesy: ANI)

On Friday, a horrific incident left the entire nation in shock when a 27-year-old veterinarian, Priyanka Reddy, was gang-raped and murdered in Shamshabad, Telangana by four men.

According to the police records, the four accused punctured the rear wheel of her scooter. She immediately called her sister up and told her that some strangers offered her help and took her scooty to a mechanic shed for repair. But they returned saying no shed was open in the locality.

Around the same time, the victim noticed that a lorry driver was moving suspiciously in her proximity and she informed her sister about the same.

She expressed fear while talking to her sister, who advised her to rush to a nearby toll gate. Before Priyanka could make it to a safe spot, the accused men dragged her to a secluded spot close to a toll plaza and gang-raped her.

The accused men then wrapped her body in a blanket and took it to Shadnagar and burnt the body.

Within hours, Twitter’s top trending hashtags were #RIPHumanity and #HangRapists

Several celebrities and sports personalities have been taking a stand for Priyanka Reddy and came out in support for the young victim.

Bollywood’s beloved Bhaijaan Salman Khan expressed his anger and furiousness on the issue on Twitter and in a series of tweets spoke about what needs to be done to such culprits and how they need to be punished and taught a lesson.

Actor-singer-director, Farhan Akhtar posted two tweets to emphasise that the minors involved in this crime should face real consequences because they were ‘old enough to knowingly commit a crime this brutal’.

Indian cricket team skipper Virat Kohli expressed shock and disappointment over the gruesome gang rape and murder of Priyanka Reddy.

Calling it a shameful act and heinous crime, cricketer Harbhajan Singh demanded a strict policy against such criminals, while VVS Laxman urged the government to take stringent action against the guilty.

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh, too, took to Twitter and expressed shock and disgust over the ghastly rape and murder

Olympic medallist and freestyle wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt urged Telangana CM to punish the guilty.

Actor Akshay Kumar cited three rape incidents in Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand, and said that ‘we seem to be losing it as a society’.

Actor Richa Chadha said that the perpetrators treated the victim as a thing, and not as a human being.

Other celebrities who raised their concern over the incident on social media include, Anil Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan, Parineeti Chopra and many more.


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