Ranbir Kapoor has also joined the #DeleAlliChallenge bandwagon. The Bollywood shared his #DeleAlli challenge picture on Instagram.

The ‘Sanju’ actor is also an ardent football fan and is a part of the Celebrity Football team. Footballer Bamidele Jermaine Alli, who is commonly known as Dele Alli, plays for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and the England national team. The English midfielder also shared an image of himself showing one eye post match.

One of his followers shared a video giving it a new twist. Dele Alli shared another post of him sharing the new version.

Fans of the soccer player are going crazy over the challenge.

Here are some of the posts by his fans:

30 Agustus 2018. Yang kedua kata gaya nya. #delechallenge

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