How is a superstar made in Bollywood? So far, it’s been purely on box office records. Going by that barometer Ranveer Singh is close to being a 500 crores superstar many times over now.

In little over 12-months Ranveer Singh has delivered 3 big back to back hits at the box office. Padmaavat which earned Rs. 302.15 crore at the beginning of 2018, Simmba which made Rs. 230 crores at the end of 2018 and now Gully Boy with Rs.100 crore and climbing. This certainly elevates Ranveer Singh to Superstardom in Bollywood.

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‘Gully Boy’ is Ranveer’s fifth film to make Rs.100 crores at the box office Padmaavat, Goliyon Ki Rasleela- Ramleela, Bajirao Mastani and Simmba, came before this musical.

Ranveer Singh Box Office Records

The combined earning of both Padmaavat and Simmba stands at Rs 532.15 crore, which is a new record for single year earnings by a star in Bollywood. Earlier the record the highest earning at the box office stood in the name of Salman Khan.

In 2015 the big Bhai earned Rs 530.50 crore at the box office for Bajrangi Bhaijaan which earned Rs 320.34 and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo which earned Rs 210.16 crore at the box office. This is one of many records that Ranveer has slashed and slain over the last year.

In recent times seldom has a Bollywood star had two films in the movie halls one after the other both making big money. Currently, Ranveer Singh has Gully Boy riding high at the box office till and this was preceded by a ‘chaat masala’ cop flick Simmba that rocked the box office all through December and January.

Ranveer Singh Acting King

Let’s look at Ranveer Singh’s last 3 movies to get an idea of the power energy and depth that this powerhouse of energy brings to the films.

I will begin last year with Padmaavat, the film with Ranveer Singh give new meaning to the word intense. In the shrewd, barbaric, power-drunk Alauddin Khilji we meet one of the most compelling characters that Singh has ever played and Bollywood has ever seen. From the piercing kohl eyes and long Rasputin like locks, Ranveer Singh rolled out the marauder with finesse such that it ran shivers down the spines of those watching.

Certainly, the most compelling act in a Bollywood film for a long time. While Ranveer Singh credited his mentor and director Sanjay Leela Bhansali with the brilliance of this performance fact is, it was Singh who got under Khilji’s skin to deliver the performance of a lifetime until his next film rolled in.

Ok just for the record can you think of anyone else to play Alauddin Khilji? If the answer to that is anyone other than Ranveer Singh I’d say let me know.  It is this genius that makes Ranveer Singh the 500 Crore no 1000 Crore Bollywood Superstar in the making if there ever is one.

Back to the films, in 2018 itself Ranveer Singh slid from the sublime to the OTT, no not ridiculous and I will tell you why I say this. In my mind tasked with playing a cop in the film Simmba, Ranveer Singh had to make his character ACP Sangram Bhalerao aka Simmba, radically different to that of Singham’s, Bajirao Singham who came before him and Ranveer passed with flying colours.

Simmba with his half Marathi half Hindi totally broken English accent bowled the audience over with his energy for the 2 hours plus that he played the good bad and over the top cop. Here was a cop who could take a bribe come down on you like Thor’s hammer and seduce your wife all in the same breath. A prance in his step and a joke on his lips Ranveer was the lovable brigand who made sure there is never a dull moment in Simmba.

Then for the latest film from Ranveer Singh the 500 Crore Bollywood Superstar in the making Gully Boy. For this film, I shall not comment instead let Karan Johar do the talking . On watching Ranveer sink into his character Murad in Gully Boy this is what Karan said, “Ranveer Singh delivers the loudest quiet performance oscillating between silence and storm and you are left awestruck by his immense versatility and ability to sink his teeth into every single character….he makes you feel every beat of Murad’s beats!” Need we say more. In Gully Boy Ranveer Singh

To me, Ranveer Singh in Gully Boy is not about the OTT rap star as I had expected. That would have been an easy act for Ranveer given that his public persona is OTT, instead his character  in the film is more about the insecurity and bare-bones honesty of a struggler coming to terms with himself. The simplicity of the struggler the twitch of an eyebrow the quiver of a lip plays out on Ranveer Singh’s face, and its arresting. Only an extremely perceptive actor could have pulled of an act like this.

Brand Ranveer Singh Isska Time AA gaya

Amongst the largest stars on the Bollywood block is Brand Ranveer Singh who had as many as 25 brands under his belt in 2018, with a value of around Rs. 450 crores according to reports.  Ranveer is the perfect youth brand ambassador from his care a damn attitude, unrestrained energy and 100% confident attitude Ranveer is all this and more making him the perfect Gen X brand ambassador.  It is this endless energy and oodles of confidence that Ranveer transfers to his advertisements and brand promotions every time round. It was Singh’s energetic persona for which tourism in Switzerland hired him to make an ad which is seen as many as the best tourism advertisement in a long time.

And here is the kicker Ranveer Singh will be seen next to the film 83, a biopic on the life of cricketer Kapil Dev and his captaincy that let India to victory in the 1983 World Cup. 83 will hit theatres in April 2020, knowing India and its love for all things cricket and Bollywood, this film is the perfect recipe for another hit. Do you think it will single handed make Rs 500 crores and turn this Bollywood star into an Rs.1000 crore superstar

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If that were to happen and I have no reason to think otherwise it will place him ahead of The Khans and the Kumar’s and everyone else in Bollywood.

Then Ranveer Singh The latest superstar in Bollywood will be rubbing shoulders  with the Shenshah Amitabh Bachchan looks possible to me


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