SOTY2 Movie Review

Student Of The Year 2 director: Punit Malhotra

Student Of The Year 2 cast: Tiger Shroff, Tara Sutaria, Ananya Panday and Aditya Seal

Student Of The Year 2 star rating: 2/5 Two stars out of five

For the Student Of The Year 2 movie review, I’m going to coin the phrase ‘chewing gum flick’. Why do I use the analogy for SOTY2, because like chewing gum it is very colourful to look at in its multi-colour wrapper, when you unwrap it  the gum is  a ball of surprise tastes but  then once the flavours are  all gone you are left chewing the gum and why do you do it,  force of habit.

Like the last time, round we are introduced yet again to this OTT school with OTT people doing OTT things. (OTT is over the top) and yes everything at Saint Teresa’s looks like it came from a different world. Enter the underdog Tiger Shroff. In his entry scene itself, you are saying ‘poor bachcha’  how will you cope with all these OTT kids.’

OK, so  Shroff plays Rohan on SOTY 2, a middle-class kid who enters the world of the Richie rich. Wham’ it hits him in the face, the attitude, the make-ups and break-ups and the competition of course.

Talking competition there is competition for the  29th Annual Inter-College Dignity Cup and that pits Rohan against the new big bad boy on the block Aditya Seal on one side.

On the other is, a dancer with a dream Mia played by Tara Sutaria who trades her puppy love boy Tiger for the shiny new Seal. All looks like going south for Tiger till Shreya, a rich spoilt brat played by Ananya Panday enters the scene changing the dynamics of the War and Love game. That, in a nutshell, is SOTY 2  for you.

All if fair in both love and war and that is what happens here, all the tricks in the love and war book come in to play to reach the goal. A bunch of blingy boys and babes  fight shining white tooth and  perfectly polished nail  for what they consider their life goal

Acting wise let me just put it down in black and white, this is a Tiger Shroff film with him firmly playing a split between Spiderman and Aamir Khan from JJWS, ‘hahaha’ in case you don’t know Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar’s.

At one end he can flex a mean muscle and at the other, he can play the demure dancer waiting to be wooed. You may think demure does not fit Tiger, yes it does. Tiger yeat again carries the day here.

He is ably supported in the film by loads of eye candy coming from Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday and to Tara’s credit she can swish up a pretty dance for sure but that apart the girls don’t make a real impression. My vote for Student of The Year 2 goes to comedy man Harsh Beniwal who brings comedy to an otherwise flat straight liner with some great timing in the comic department.

Your next question what is the difference between SOTY  and SOTY 2, Id say the depth of field. That film had a bunch of well developed side characters who with their small subplots took the story further  Student of the year 2 is lacking in that department. No Rishi Kapoor like character for instance Like I said this is a bubble gum film somewhere down the line the sweet taste disappears.

So as I said this is a good looking film which engages but doesn’t hold.

I will give the SOTY2, Student of the Year 2 review a star rating of 2 stars. One for Tiger and the mercury he brings to the film and the other for the effort that goes into the film


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