Super 30 movie Director: Vikas Bahl

Super 30 movie Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Mrunal Thakur, Pankaj Tripathi

Super 30 movie Review rating: 2 stars on 5

Vikas Bahl’s movie Super 30 is a biopic of Patna’s legend coaching-class trainer Anand Kumar. Is a true tale is what this Super 30 movie review bids to spell out?

Yes, this inspirational story about the triumph of the underdog and how he guides young bright mind s  to achieve great success.

Hrithik plays  Anand Kumar in Super 30. He is a Patna math Wizkid  who  took on the institution in this case  the Tuition center industry/education industry  to enable a turn around  for the not so well off underdog student who may have the intellect but not the money to propel him to success

All is good to be but the fact that this like most other reality-based biopics is just a glowing tribute without the greys of the struggle and ‘adjustments’ made to get to the top. The dynamics of both personal and professional life that make a story brilliant are not there.  That would have taken Super 30 from good to the Super 30 league’.

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As for the acting, Hrithik is good but not brilliant. He lapses into a  Kol Mil Gaya stance some of the time and that keeps him from being brilliant, it’s not in the accent alone that an act is judged. In fact, I would go on to say that Super 30 also belongs to those 30 brilliant students. They are the real show stealers.

The kids along with Anand take on an education mafia fight  class and a caste divide and effectively study hard  yo make it to the top  of the IIT entrance examination and they do it in style really cools style  that will be an inspiration to millions who are born on the wrong side of the caste-class  and wealth street.

The kids act couples with some really catchy music make this biopic completely watchable in spite of some very patchy storytelling.

In fact, it is this play of raja ka beta versus Rank and file commoner boys and girls that makes Super 30 a good film.

I’d give Super 30 a rating of  2 out of 5 stars.


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