With the rolling out of a new detection method for Coronavirus, the number of fresh cases surged by 14,840 overnight. The total number of people affected by the deadly virus in China has reached 48,206.

Meanwhile, the death toll due to Coronavirus rose to 1,310. Over 242 deaths were reported on Thursday, which is almost double the daily record of 103, which was set on Monday.

Health officials in the epicenter of the outbreak said that they had started including people tested positive using the new technique from Thursday. It is to be noted that excluding the people diagnosed using the new method, only 1,508 new cases have emerged as per the official data.

In the previous week, the health commission had said that they will examine computerized tomography (CT) scan results in order to identify the presence of infections in patients. This was planned for facilitating the fast isolation of patients by the hospitals.

Victor Shih, a specialist in Chinese politics at the School of Global Policy & Strategy at UC San Diego said, “The adjustment of the data today proved without a doubt that they have had two sets of numbers for confirmed infected all along.” He added, “If that were not the case, the government could not have added so many new cases in one day.”

“A very disturbing aspect of today’s new numbers is that the vast majority of new cases accrued to Wuhan, but what if the rest of Hubei Province still did not adjust their reporting methods?”, Victor said.

Previously, Coronavirus was being detected only through an RNA test, which requires days of processing leading to delayed treatment. The commission said that the use of CT scan can increase the chances of recovery of the patients by providing them with fast treatment.


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