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The global death toll due to the novel coronavirus has surged to 7,992, and over 197,000 have been infected till now.

Amid the virus outbreak, countries across the globe have tightened up the restrictions on various operations.

Throughout Europe and Asia, millions of people have been put under lockdown, and countries are imposing restrictions on travel and ordering border closures.

In the United States, the number of positive cases surged past 6,000 and more than 110 people have lost their lives. Various states have imposed travel restrictions and mass closures in a bid to curb the virus outbreak.

Meanwhile, Australia declared a “human biosecurity emergency” today and announced a fresh set of restrictions to combat the coronavirus spread. Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison made the announcements.

“This declaration of a human biosecurity emergency gives the government the power to impose curfews and order people into quarantine if deemed necessary,” PM Scott said in a televised conference.

In Russia, more than 114 positive coronavirus cases have been reported as per Johns Hopkins University. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Pesksov told the state media that members of Putin’s administration are being tested for coronavirus as a precautionary measure.

Saudi Arabia has also suspended work in private sectors for a 15-day duration as an effort to contain the coronavirus, state-run news agency SPA reported today.

Sri Lanka has banned the arrival of all flights into the country for a duration of two weeks, Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa announced on Twitter.

As of now, 149 cases of coronavirus have been reported in India till now and the virus has claimed 3 lives in the country.


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