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An Indian student studying in Wuhan, who landed in India on 24th January has been tested positive for Coronavirus. This is the second case of coronavirus in Kerala as well as India. Just three days back, the first case of Coronavirus was reported in Kerala from Thrissur district. The Union Health Ministry issued a statement saying that the student has been kept in isolation for monitoring.

Amid global coronavirus outbreak, about 1,800 people have been put under surveillance across homes in Kerala and a total of 70 have been isolated in special wards at hospitals.

About 25 countries have been infected by the coronavirus outbreak till now after it emerged in Wuhan, China. From China alone, over 300 deaths have been reported and 14,380 people are infected by this newfound virus.

The Health Minister of Kerala, KK Shailaja, said, “We are very vigilant till the incubation period passes. The best treatment is to be in isolation and get lots of rest. We haven’t got the test result from NiV Pune, but they have indicated that it’s a patient at the Alappuzha Medical College. It’s a possibility that the patient could be positive. So we’re awaiting the test result.”

Shailaja also requested the Keralites under surveillance to complete the 28-day period of incubation of the virus.

The Kerala Health Minister ruled out the shifting of the affected Keralites to New Delhi by saying, “We are expressing vigilance to ensure no casualties. We don’t want anyone to die. We are adamant that whoever tests positive must already be in our treatment and in our surveillance. People should cooperate with our vigilance. We have the best isolation facilities in Kerala.”

Several people have been kept under surveillance in isolation facilities across India. Strong measures are being taken in order to stop Coronavirus from spreading in the country. Till now, only two patients from Kerala have been tested positive for the deadly virus.


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