Recovered Patients

Amid the growing tensions of Coronavirus infected and the death toll rising rapidly, the brighter sights of the recovered patients skipped our eyes.

Delhi’s first Coronavirus recovered patient Rohit Dutta currently is under a precautionary quarantine period of 14 days residing at Mayur Vihar. Rohit Dutta urges everyone to not panic and come forward if contracted with any symptoms.

He also has a very innocent message for all, which is to inform the authorities accurately about their travel history if any.

In an exclusive interview with India Ahead, Dutta shares how the isolation changed his perspective and was a period of introspection for him. He lauded the professional and prompt action by the health experts after he tested positive.

In the interview, Rohit expressed his disappointment that even after the lockdown, children and senior citizens are playing in the park and taking walks, which is not the need of the hour.

Talking about how he recovered from this life-threatening disease, he said, “Positivity is the key. During the period of isolation and treatment, I only communicated with positive people and that helped me to stay in a positive frame of mind.”

Dutta expressed his gratitude towards the doctors, nurses, and helping staff whose dedication to curing him motivated him to keep a smiling face throughout this war against Covid-19.

Another patient recovered from the deadly Coronavirus is Amit Kapoor. He shared a very simple video message for the country, where everyone is battling against the Coronavirus after he was released from a 14 day quarantine period.

He requested people to not panic and assist the doctors and the government to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread. He also warned India against becoming a ‘second Europe’, referring to the increasing cases in countries like Italy.

In amidst so much panic and despair, these stories of hope and light will motivate all of us to fight the deadly Coronavirus bravely.


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