Apple Cell Phones
Combating misinformation, mobile companies like Apple and Google, are keeping a strict vigil on apps or websites that are emitting information about the new coronavirus. In its manual review process, any new coronavirus related apps are being halted by Apple.
Apple is rejecting all coronavirus related software which is not from recognized health organization or the government. Google, too is not delivering results on the Coronavirus related searches on Google Play.
Some major mobile applications that rely on the World Health Organization or information approved by sanctioned health institutions are also being banned. According to Apple, they are trying to make sure that any information about Coronavirus is coming from an authentic source.
As of now, only a few apps are being shown in the search results for the iOS apps related to Coronavirus. They mostly include government circulated applications about the virus or apps regulated by medical resource companies.
For Android too, Google is blocking search results related to coronavirus other than those coming from WHO, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Doctor On Demand. There are no proofs as to if there is an outright ban on such apps or not.
These are the only companies taking measures to obstruct spreading misinformation which is exploiting the fear among people about the deadly Coronavirus. Facebook and Twitter have also started filtering out advertisements of overpriced masks and hand sanitizers, either claiming to prevent or cure the disease.
Though all measures are being undertaken, offenders are finding loopholes to get in.


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