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(Warning: Spoilers Ahead!) 

The epic fantasy series- Game of Thrones Season 8 is on the verge of ending as the second last episode- ‘The Bells’ has finally aired on Monday morning. This penultimate episode showed how Dany’s rage had turned the capital of Westeros- King’s Landing into a pit of hell. ‘The Bells’ (rang well) as Dany flying on her child dragon child ‘Drogon’ destroys Iron Fleet, The Golden Company and the King’s Landing to fight for the throne.

This happened despite Lannister army surrendering to Daenerys, signified by the ringing bells, the Mother of Dragons unleashed dragonfire on King’s Landing and burnt it to the ground, killing millions of civilians.

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By Dany’s act, Twitterati pointed out that how effectively she has turned herself into the Mad Queen, the daughter of Aerys II Targaryen aka the Mad King.

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Based on George RR Martin’s book ‘The Song of Ice and Fire’, Game of Thrones is in its final journey with just one episode away and it has left fans heartbroken.


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