JNU Violence press conference by delhi police
Courtesy: ANI

The Delhi Police conducted a press conference on the current JNU violence incident that took place of January 5 where the police have identified and released pictures of 9 suspects so far. One of the suspects includes Aishe Ghosh, president of JNUSU who was also severely injured during the vandalism unleashed by masked goons in the University campus on January 5.

The investigation is being carried out by the Crime Branch of Delhi Police, which has formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) headed by DCP Joy Tirky.

“Unfortunately the CCTV footages were not available to us as the server room was vandalized a day before. We have identified some people based on viral videos and other investigations,” Joy Tirkey said.

Tirky also revealed that the police have so far not detained anyone as the reports are based on initial investigations. “We will serve notices to the identified people and ask them about their presence during the violence,” he said.

He, however, said more names may be revealed in subsequent press conferences as investigation proceeds.

The police released the report of investigation over the violence in the Periyar hostel and Sabarmati hostel in the afternoon. As per the investigation, the University was witnessing clashes regarding the registration process which had begun. A particular group of students, allegedly belonging to Student Front of  India, All India Student Federation, Democratic Student Federation, All India Student Association, tried to vandalize the hostels in order to stop the registration.

According to the Delhi Police, most of them are members of Left-wing students’ organizations.

Delhi Police PRO, MS Randhawa said, “The investigation regarding the criminal cases filed in connection with the JNU violence incident is being carried out by the Crime Branch. But it has been observed that a lot of misinformation related to these cases is being circulated.”

In the evening, however, masked vandals entered the campus with rods, sticks, and acid and unleashed violence where Aishe Ghosh, president of JNUSU along with 30 students and teachers were injured severely. The police did not say anything related to the incident that occurred during the night.

The students responsible for the violence so far identified by the Police are following:

Aishe Ghosh, JNUSU president

Shiv Pujan Mandal, MA Korean Studies

Pankaj Mishra, School of Social Science

Chunchun Kumar, former JNU student

Yogendra Bhardwaj, PhD Sanskirt

Dolan Samanata, School of Social Science

Sucheta Talukdar, School of Social Science

Priya Ranjan, School of Language and Cultural Studies

Vaskar Vijay


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