Melania Trump, First Lady of the US, visited a Delhi Government School in south Delhi’s Moti Bagh on Tuesday morning. At the Sarvodaya Co-Education Senior Secondary School, Melania got to witness a “Happiness class” – An initiative by the Delhi government, designed to teach students the art of living in harmony, reducing stress and anxiety, meditation, and basic obedience.

Melania was greeted by the students and teachers of the school with a marigold garland and a tilak. The First Lady was presented by paintings made by the students. Cultural performances like Rajasthani folk dance and Punjabi dance, Giddah were exhibited by students.

During her one hour visit, the First Lady interacted with students and teachers and became an active part of the “Happiness class” by indulging in the activities conducted at the school.

Melania affectionately went from one group of students to another, talking to them and having a look at their projects, paintings, etc. She even sat on the floor to interact with a group of students until a stool was offered to her by a teacher present there. 

Melania was then escorted to another classroom where slightly older students were present. She sat with them and witnessed them attending the “happiness class.”

After spending over an hour at the Delhi govt school, Melania Trump said in her address, “It’s very inspiring that students here begin each day with mindfulness and storytelling and connecting with nature. I cannot think of a better way for all of us to start our day.”


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