Vladamir Putin (Image Courtesy: Twitter)

Vladamir Putin confirmed that there were conversations about putting a double at public appearances. But, the Russian President reiterated that he discarded the idea, and he was the real Putin.

A conspiracy theory had surfaced on the internet, whether the President was using a body double and the real President had died.

With Putin’s acceptance of this strange fact, the rumours couldn’t be accepted as baseless. The TASS news agency had shown several searches of the internet, “Putin double proof.”

In an interview, when asked if he was the real Putin, he replied, “Yes.”

Though he affirmed, he never used a double, but asserted that the idea was discussed several times. “I refused to have doubles,” Putin said. “It was during the hardest times of the fight against terrorism.”

First as the Prime Minister, then as the President, Putin saw the war of 1999-2000 against the separatists in Chechnya.

After the Russian victory, the Islamic insurgency increased in North Caucasus. At this time, Russia’s main cities were also targeted with suicide bombers.

When questioned by interviewer Andrei Vandenko, who was doing an interview string with Putin to mark his 20 years Presidential rule, “Was that in the early 2000s? The double would go where things were dodgy?” asked Vandenko.”
“Well yes, go, put in appearances,” Putin confirmed.

The apparent rumors and conspiracy theories began circulating when the 67-year-old did not show visible signs of aging. It was doubted that Putin had died, and was replaced by a lookalike.

In 2015, Putin had disappeared for 10 days, putting the conspiracies and speculations on wildfire.

After reappearing, Putin responded, “It’s boring without gossip.”


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